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Please CLICK HERE for the Richmond Shire Council Animal Registration Form.

Please CLICK HERE to view notice of the Approved Inspection Program

MAXIMUM of 2 DOGS ONLY per Hoursehold.  Fees applicable on a per dwelling basis - 50% discount if paid within advertised discount period.  Registration required for all dogs over 6 months old.  New residents/owners have 28 days to register animals.

Pro-rata registration arrangements are available in the second half of the year for a new dog owners or for dogs that turn three (3) months of age.

Entire Male         $80.00             Entire Bitch            $80.00    

Neutered Male (must provide evidence)    $13.00              Spayed Bitch (must provide evidence)       $13.00 Replacement registration tags                     $3.00


Pensioner Rebate - 50% on ONE pet per household ONLY

Above fees for first and second dog only.  Permit application required for dog breeding/boarding kennels (applications available from Council)   PERMIT APPLICATION FEE $50 (non refundable)

Annual License Fee for Boarding/Breeding Kennels (inclusive of registration for approved number of dogs)    $250.00



50% discount if paid within advertised discount period.  Registration required for ALL CATs over 3 months old.  All cats are to be registered and wear a collar.  The attachement of a bell to the collar is also encouraged.

First Cat   

Entire                  $25.00             Desexed      $5.00  Second Cat       $50.00            Desexed     $12.00  Pensioner Rebate of 50% on one pet per household only.  In all instances if you have an entire cat, the first cat is always calculated at the entire animal rate.

A permit application is required for a Cattery or Boarding premises      $51.00

Restricted Dog Application Fee                                                              $60.00

Annual License Fee for Breeding/Boarding Kennels                            $255.00