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What is RADF?


The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a joint Queensland Government and Richmond Shire Council partnership to support local arts and culture

 The RADF's primary focus is to distribute funidng to artist's and organisations.  However, the committee also provides key advice to Council and other tiers of Government regarding:

  • Community skills development and training needs;
  • Project Management issues;
  • Networking and Advocacy;
  • Developing and Maintaining cultural polices and action plans on behalf of their respective Councils.

Individual Committee Members can also pay an important support role for local artists and community groups.

Committee Members are asked to:

  • Actively promote the program via word of mouth as widely as possible within the community and their own network
  • Liaise with applicants and prospective applicants
  • Participate in meetings held once a Month
  • Attend RADF funded events and activities where possible
  • Contribute innovative and cultural significant ideas for funding

Target Groups are:

  • Arts Workers
  • Youth
  • Indigenous
  • Elderly
  • Disabled


The RADF Liasion Officer: Angela Henry - 0429 686 221 or email