Funerals Funerals


Adults                   Includes Cemetery Fees, undertaker fees and hearse, lawn cemetery  $3,980.00
plaque, installation of plaque, funeral notices, flowers, preparation
fees, chair hire, memorim book and order of service.
 A microphone and amplifier is also made available.
(Plus Overtime(if applicable) at cost)
Children (under 16 years)             Including Cemetery Fees                                                              $2,652.00
                                                                (Plus Overtime (if applicable)at cost)
Ashes Internment incl. Plaque     Must notify Council when placing at Cemetery                             $260.00
Ashes Internment                                                                                                                                $61.00
Undertaker's Fee                                                                                                                                 AT COST
Lawn Cemetery Plaque (Supply Only)     Minimum size from $200.00                                              AT COST

Installation of Plaque                                                                                                                            $128.00

Funeral Notices                                Includes 1 radio and 1 Newspaper advertisement                   AT COST
                                                Minimum Size – unless otherwise requested, additional
 notices also at cost
Flowers                                                Full sheath (or at cost depending on size requested              AT COST
Memorim Book                                Standard supplied to value of $56.00 or at cost                          $   56.00
Cemetery Fees              Required where own Funeral Director engaged                                        $ 1,020.00


Order of Service               A4 double sided – Black and White Copy                                                  $   128.00
                                                A4 double sided – Colour                                                                       $219.00


Burial Fee                            From outside of town area                                                                        $1,989.00


Recovery of Body            From outside of town area                      
                                                Per kilometre rate + actual wages                                                    $        2.60
# NOTE: Where the family elect to engage a Funeral Director other than Richmond Shire. The Council will charge for the Cemetery Fees and any other services undertaken by Council. The family or Funeral Director should indicate where the account is to be forwarded in these circumstances.
NOTE: A donation to the Church of England and Catholic Church may be applicable.