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Home Care Packages can provide an at home care alternative for people who need some assistance to stay at home or whose dependency and complex care needs would normally qualify them for entry into a residential aged care home.


The types of service provided under a Home Care Package will depend on your needs and a package gives you the choice and flexibility in the way that care and support is provided to you. Types of services can include transport, social support, domestic assistance, personal care,  nursing care,  exercise, medication assistance and food services.


The goal of our Home Care Package program is to assist our clients to remain living independently in their home, giving the client the choice and flexibility on how that care and support is provided.


Richmond Aged Care’s service principles is based on the concept of Consumer Directed Care (CDC’s). This is putting you in the drivers seat in making choices about the types of care and services that you wish to access. We encourage you to identify your goals in relation to your preferred lifestyle, health and independence and Richmond Aged Care will develop a service and support plan to suit your individual needs and aspirations. All of the Home Care Packages offered by Richmond Aged Care are provided on a Consumer Directed Care Basis which includes:


  • control the types of care you access, how the care is delivered and who delivers it to you
  • set your goals such as being independent for as long as possible, staying healthy, or returning to your home after you have been in hospital
  • determining how much you want to be involved in managing your package
  • determining the level of ongoing monitoring and formal reviews and support by Richmond Aged Care Co-Ordinators  to ensure that your home care package still meets your needs. Remember, if your needs change you can switch to a different package based on availability
  • providing you with greater transparency about how your package of services is funded and how those funds are spent through the Home Care Package Agreements.


Some options that your home care package may include are: (this excludes CHSP clients)



  • cleaning and light housework
  • personal laundry
  • errands and shopping
  • bill payments
  • home cooked meals
  • lawn mowing
  • light gardening
  • spring cleaning
  • pantry cleaning
  • cupboard tidying



  • showering and bathing assistance
  • dressing and grooming assistance
  • toileting and personal hygiene assistance
  • continence management
  • foot and nail care
  • assistance with meals
  • Silverchain Personal Alarms and Monitoring
  • Respite Care
  • mobility assistance and equipment
  • communication aides
  • medication monitoring and assistance
  • accompanied medical appointments



  • referral to support services
  • schedules social transport
  • counselling and chaplaincy
  • exercise programs
  • socialising and visiting
  • community outings
  • craft and hobbies
  • volunteer activities
  • falls prevention program
  • memory support programs
  • reminiscing activities
  • life history documenting



  • wound management
  • diabetes management
  • pain management
  • skin integrity care
  • medication management
  • clinical observations
  • post-hospital discharge care
  • allied health assessments
  • multi-disciplinary clinical care
  • Health assesments
  • Telehealth


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2016/17 Fees and Charges

Meals on Wheels $9.20

Daily Service Fee - Home Care Level 2 Package $ 5.10