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Council meetings are held monthly from January to December based on the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings generally:

 The meeting commences at 8.00 am on Tuesday and closes when all business is complete.
All correspondence for council to consider at the monthly meeting should arrive at the council office one week prior to the meeting for inclusion into the agenda.
Unconfirmed Minutes of the Richmond Shire Council are available online within ten (10) days of the Meeting. The Confirmed Minutes are not available online until after the following months Meeting, as confirmation of the Minutes occurs at the following Meeting.
Certified copies of the confirmed Minutes are available for purchase from the Administration Centre after they have been confirmed. Copies of the Agenda are also available for purchase from the Administration Centre. Council charges a fee for certified copies of official documents in accordance with its schedule of fees and charges.

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If you require Minutes from previous years please contact the Shire Office enquiries@richmond.qld.gov.au